Where It All Began

Hostify.co.za is an accumulation of experience, knowledge and industry-know how from Hostify's owner, Niko Koshiaris. Since 2001, fresh out of high school, Niko has been involved in the web hosting and online services industry.

Since when we used to connect with dial-up modems right up to the modern mobile and technological revolution we are witnessing today, his adaptation and prepared for change as well as his overall passion for business and process helps Niko and his team achieve his vision.

  • To enable domains, web hosting, and VPS hosting simple and effortless to use and manage for any user experience.
  • Afford everyone, despite knowledge, history or background the abilities to express themselves on the internet.
  • To ensure the security, privacy and integrity of users data and activities, no matter who is looking.

Niko"We live in amazing times with regards to the level of connectedness, content, expression online. From personal blogs, online businesses, it's really amazing, and I have loved watching it develop over the years, and certainly preparing for the next chapter(s), which are coming rapidly fast"

My goal is that for our current and future users to never be "left-behind" when it comes to their web hosting experience, and through Hostify.co.za they will have access to verified top-in-class software, services and our business process, without compromise! - that means no matter what.

It is an honour for me and my team to take you on your Web Hosting journey with us." - Niko Koshiaris, founder and owner of Hostify


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