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Why Hostify?

Why do we do what we do? The internet and all it’s glory offers countless opportunities to individuals. From setting up blogs to creating a complex shopping cart for users to buy and sell goods and services, there are thousands of ways to express yourself online. Whether it be to express an opinion or set up a business that offers a valuable product or service for the community. We’ve got you covered!

We believe that the internet and all of its tools are vital for South Africans to enable themselves to start something new and innovative.

Our Mission

  • Ensure that our clients are able to quickly and easily set up a website with our world-class web hosting options OR create, setup and deploy web-service or applications using our powerful Linux and Windows VPS products
  • Provide rock-solid hosting stability so our clients are able to focus on their core business
  • Provide a simple, easy to use interface with a comprehensive knowledge base, enablingour clients to move forward instead of waiting around on hold for an inordinate amount of time
  • For our clients to succeed with Hostify as their backbone and support

Hosting Has Never Been Easier!

...and it hasn't. Until Now! Registering a domain, setting up a website, and creating email accounts have been needlessly difficult for end-users, and often leads to much un-wanted frustration. Hostify has broken all the rules in hosting and offers an easy to use service to get you up and running in minutes.

We at Hostify strive to experience the thrill of a new Hostify client setting up a new business or entity. When we see our clients launch their websites, register domains and setup emails for themselves, there is never a bigger-high for Hostify and the team. Watching South Africans empower themselves.

How Do We Hostify?

Simple touches like timely domain renewal notifications so you don't lose your domain, simplified billing, and an easy to use Client Panel with industry-leading software such as cPanel makes doing business with Hostify a cool breeze under the hot African sun.

Our team has packed over 20 years of knowledge and understanding of the web hosting and domain industry, providing an experience that is effortless. Single click web software installation, instant activations as well as live chat agents all allow even the most beginner of users of Hostify to be able to be a local web hero in their community.

We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and simplify the already simple processes we have, as well improve client relations providing only the best, highly rated and world standard software and services to our customers.

What Do We Hostify?

Our current service offerings are designed to get you going quickly and without any roadblocks.

Hostify Web Hosting services offer industry-leading hosting from our co-located data centre in Cape Town South Africa. We are able to offer robust, 99.99% uptime guarantee services ensuring peace-of-mind when you are operating your emails, website and other web-applications, allowing you to do you.

VPS Powered by Hostify - Equally as powerful as our Web Hosting services, our clients are able to instantly deploy either Windows or Linux VPS servers. Select from a variety of operating systems for Linux, or select Windows Server on our Windows VPS products. Our easy to use Client Panel allows you take full control of your VPS server where you can check stats, reboot, upgrade as well allow for you to have full root access of your server.

Email Hosting - It has never been easier to get a personalised email address. Once you make the decision to take out Hostify Email Services you will have a domain name and email accounts set up in minutes. Let us enable you to look like a pro in your network with a personalised/business email address

Hostify Web Services - Hostify is constantly looking to improve and add more services for our clients to make use of and benefit from. From SSL Certifications, Email Spam and Filters to web development and maintenance, each product and service is carefully chosen using a high standard of criteria to ensure only the best for our clients.

Our Servers

Our servers are co-located in Cape Town, South Africa. Hosted in world class infrastructure with 24/7 real-time monitoring with state-of-the-art securtiy and access control to ensure that your data is kept private, safe, and secure.


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