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18th Nov 2021

Parked Domains: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Find out what a parked domain is and how it can help your digital strategy by allowing you to use multiple domains. The parked domains are important to create an efficient and secure digital strategy. They make it possible to use several domains on your website without the need to hire an additional plan for the other domains.In order to protect ...

15th Oct 2021

Website Hosting: What are the Obligations of Providers?

The rights of the consumer who hires a website hosting company is a subject that always raises many doubts. After all, this type of service is still unknown to the general public, which makes it difficult to understand how the laws are applied in these cases.If you rent a house, you know what to expect and therefore it is easier to identify ...

15th Sept 2021

Reasons to use Email Hosting & your own Domain Name for your business

When you start a new business, it is always a good idea to purchase a domain name to secure your business’s digital identity. A domain name is also valuable for the authenticity of your company, it lends you much needed credibility online. There are many free email platforms to choose from (Gmail & Outlook) but they lack the ...

29th Jun 2021

Hostify + POPI Act

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