3 Troubleshooting Steps for Email

Step 1.

Make sure your IP address is not blocked. Goto your website that is associated with your email address. If it loads, or a temporary page loads, you are not blocked. If it times out, please go to and share with us your IP address so we can have it unblocked

Step 2.

Try login to your webmail. You can do this by going to www.*yourdomainname* Use your email address and email address password to log in. Once logged in, you will have confirmed that your username and password that you used is correct, as well as access your webmail, and configure a device.

Step 3.

If you cannot log in to webmail, you will need to reset your email address password. This is done by logging into your cPanel. You can find a link to cPanel under Services (select service), then click on Login to cPanel on the menu on the left, all under your Hostify client area -

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